We specialise in setting up businesses including completing paperwork, managing taxes and profits.

Company Formation

Choosing a legal structure of your business

We can help with choosing a business structure when you start a business. We can best advise on whether your business should be a sole trader, limited company or business partnership. We will assist with your legal responsibilities such as paperwork, taxes, taking profits and explain your personal responsibilities.

Sole trader

If it's best for you to run your business as an individual then you should set up as a sole trader. You can keep all your business' profits after you've paid tax on them.

We will explain the cicumstance regarding any losses your business makes, keeping correct, organised paperwork for bills, invoices and receipts, sales and spending.

We can advise how to set up as a sole trader, how to register with HMRC and explain your tax responsibilities, self assessment tax return, income tax and national insurance.

Limited company

If it's best that you should run your business as a limited company then we will explain your role as a director, ownership of shares and legal responsibilities.

We can set up your company with Companies House and inform HMRC. Every year we can put together your statutory accounts, send your annual returns and send your Company Tax Returns to HMRC.

We will also assist with completing your Self Assessment tax return every year and, if applicable, arrange for your taxes and national insurance through the PAYE system.

Most limited companies are private companies limited by shares though there other types of limited companies including Private company limited by guarantee, Private unlimited company and Public limited company.

Business Partnership

It may be best for you to set up your business with business partners. You all then share a responsbility for the business.

We can help with setting up the business partnership, registering with HM Revenue & Customs, Self Assesment, personal tax and national insurance.

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